Monday, November 26, 2007


Okay, some news for all you fine Atriots.

The humor panel is shaping up: Moderated by Thers, with watertiger, TRex, Gavin from Sadly, No! (or possibly one of his cobloggers), and maybe Attaturk and TBogg (depends on meatspace work schedule). Other invited but not confirmed panelists include Ted Rall and Tom Tomorrow.

The blogging as journalism panel is pretty set as well: moderated by Susie Madrak, and featuring Jane Hamsher, our own Athenae, and possibly Will Bunch.

The economics panel has Atrios, Echidne, and, quite possibly, the most Conscientious Liberal of them All, Paul F-ing Krugman! (waiting to hear back on that).

Digby, I figure, is a plenary speaker. Here's why. (Who's that sweaty lunk with the appalling posture? I'm telling his seventh-grade gym teacher!)

And soon I'll have news on a fabulous concert event of fabulous fabulousness!