Saturday, January 26, 2008

REGISTRATION! (At Long Last...)

Sorry for the long silence, folks--you'd be amazed at how much negotiation there is to this sort of thing.

Here is our Registration Form. Copy it into an email and send here. Calculate payment and submit below. You will receive a confirmation email. I'm sorry this is so low-tech, but I really, really don't feel like we can wait any longer.



Online nym/nyms:


Which events are you interested in attending?
* Friday Night Atriot Meet-Up (7-9pm Lucy's Hat Shop, 247 Market Street) ($35) Two-hour open bar (beer, wine, and well drinks) and hors d’oeuvres in a private room. Music, mingling, and sparkling wit provided at no charge. A 1.4-mile walk from hotel, $5 cab ride, and a straight shot on the subway.

* Saturday Panel Events (8:30-5:00, Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown 21 N Juniper Street) ($30) on blogging and its discontents. Featuring Atrios, Jane Hamsher, Digby, John Amato, and many other brilliant, blogalicious babes and smartass sweaty lunks.

* Saturday Night Concert/Party (9pm -12am, Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown 21 N Juniper Street) ($10) We take over a ballroom and host an evening of music and laughs, featuring Ina Iansiti (whiskeygirl), Tom Smith (filkertom), and the Rude Pundit, plus special guests! Cash bar.

* Sunday Brunch ($32) Marathon Grill, 16th and Sansom.

* Whole Package ($87) Sign up for all the love and save twenty bucks!

(And no, I don't know where the extra spaces are coming from. But the buttons seem to work.)