Monday, December 31, 2007


So we always overlook something: it's a rule of life. This time, the oversight was that the Marriott has gone nonsmoking since we last were there.

But our own adorable Uncle Smokes has done some research and found a spot not too far away with smoking rooms.

Travelodge Philadelphia Convention Center
1227 Race Street
Off Hwy 676
Philadelphia, PA, US 19107
Phone number: 215-564-2888

It's a little cheaper, too: $135 for a queen room.

So smoke 'em if ya got 'em.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Secret Passwords and the Like

Hello, Moonbats!

'Tis the Season, and I'm busy decking the halls with my own version of holly, so this post will be short and sweet. You may now make your reservations for EschaCon '08 on-line. Just go here, and under the "Check Rates and Availability" box on the right side of the screen, enter your arrival and departure dates (March 28 - 31 or any combination of those dates) and the number of rooms you'll need.

Special Group rate for this event is: $ 159.00 for both single and double rooms.

Next, under "Optional Information," in the dialogue box for "Group Codes," type in this code: ESCESCB. The special rate will be applied for our block of rooms. If you're phoning to make your room reservation, make sure you tell them you're with EschaCon 08.

Here's some miscellaneous hotel information, for your records:

Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown
21 N Juniper Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107 USA
Phone: 1-215-496-3200
Fax: 1-215-496-3696

Hotel Highlights:

  • The hotel is non-smoking
  • Near Philadelphia Convention Center, Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Kimmel Center, art & museums
  • State-of-art Fitness Center & Swimming Pool
  • 2 Restaurants, Lounge & Courtyard hotel Room Service

Trust this information is good to go. So go ahead, start reserving those rooms, and plan on an excellent time at the end of March, 2008!

Peace on Earth.

~Vicki, Who ♥ Al Gore (And I mean that, Al, I'd love to see you as president)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

EschaCon Travel Fund

Look, we wouldn't be here if we weren't proud liberals. That means we donate all our money to sick puppies and quixotic campaigns. A surprisingly small number of us are hedge fund managers--though I guess that gig isn't quite the ride it used to be.

In order to allow those who may otherwise lack the means to attend EschaCon, we are establishing the EschaCon Travel Fund. Last time, we raised enough money to bring several people who might otherwise have had to miss, and we're hoping to do so again.

Should we (improbably) raise more money than we need, we will donate any remainder to a political candidate determined by an on-site poll.

So be a mensch--toss some sugar to the gang.

Friday, December 14, 2007

The Eagle Has Landed!

As with our speakers, hotel arrangements have been proceeding apace (with a big hug and kiss to Vicki, who did the bulk of the work).

After doing ample due diligence (as in: months of trying) we ended up at the same place we were last time: not bad, since we know the room and the neighborhood, and got a pretty good deal, considering we're DFHs.

And so, here is the hotel information.

Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown
21 N Juniper Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19107

Reservations can be made directly with Marriott reservations at 1(800)321-2211 or 1(215)496-3200.

Our rate is $159.00 a night, and we have reserved 50 rooms for Friday, 50 for Saturday, and 10 for Sunday. (Good news: this is a LOT LESS than we thought we were looking at. Whew!)

Reservations should be made sooner rather than later, but the deadline for the group rate is Wednesday March 5, 2008.