Monday, December 31, 2007


So we always overlook something: it's a rule of life. This time, the oversight was that the Marriott has gone nonsmoking since we last were there.

But our own adorable Uncle Smokes has done some research and found a spot not too far away with smoking rooms.

Travelodge Philadelphia Convention Center
1227 Race Street
Off Hwy 676
Philadelphia, PA, US 19107
Phone number: 215-564-2888

It's a little cheaper, too: $135 for a queen room.

So smoke 'em if ya got 'em.


Uncle Smokes said...



Will I never be "the enigmatic Uncle Smokes?"

Perhaps "gallant" or "sultry?"

I'd even settle for "bodacious."

dave™© said...

So people are actually bitching because they can't smoke?

Good Fucking Christ...

VforVirginia said...

Reservation note: I had to make my rez by phone to get the rate for a day before and a day after the official convention dates, but they gave me the rate with no problem.

dave™© said...

So I was thinking of trying to do a simultaneous "meet-n-greet" thing in SF on, maybe, Saturday.

Just for kicks - no speakers or seminars or anything. But I was thinking it would be kind of cool if we could hook up with a low-rent video set-up. Like a "chat" with people in Philly, not continuous coverage or anything. Does that sound feasible? You'd need someone with at least a webcam. We could schedule a time and people could line up to say "hi."

Probably use Skype or something.

Any thoughts?

chidy said...

molly ivors had a comment over at the crack den about second life. it's harmless, and if someone wants to run a virtural escachon while the real thing goes on, she shouldn't be worried about it. just wanted to let her know.