Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Planning Begins!

I know it's traditional to wait for Labor Day for dark shoes and new product, but hey, I'm a college professor, and we start early.

We have a date (March 28-29, 2008), and we have a city (Philadelphia).

So.... we want to keep this low-key, more social than political (we're not the Kossacks, who are lovely folks but have a different vibe than we do: the Student Council kids versus the Freaks and Geeks). But we did pick the date partly because it's just before the PA primary, and we might be able to get some "names." Question is: what names do we want?

Answer in comments.


Hap Haploid said...


Heather said...

Let's invite Paul Krugman!

The Kenosha Kid said...

Panel Discussion on a Rack

Kathryn Harris
Roger Stone's Wife
Jessica from Feministing

lutton said...

Will Bunch (Attytood)

Anne Dicker...a local organizer and rabblerouser. She was one of the original DFA people in the area, and has run for office a couple times. (and she and her husband brew beer!)

jezebel said...

I might be able to see if Ed Rendell can do a drive-by. No guarantees, obviously, but I could try. You want I should do it?