Monday, March 10, 2008

Keep Yer Shoits On!

As last time, we are accepting pre-orders for t-shirts. Here it is:

We're selling these more or less for cost ($11), and you can order them now to pick up at the Con, or we can mail them to you for $2.50 more. We have sizes ranging from Medium to XXXL, so let me know in the comment box what you'd like and I'll set it aside with your name on it. If you want a child's sized shirt, or an adult small, let me know that too. We ordered 100 of these, but we have a bit of flexibility. Any unordered shirts will be avaliable at the Con, March 28-30, 2008.

Send me a shirt to get at the Con!

Mail me one!

Got all your shirts? Then buy now!

And of course, if you prefer the other design, they are available through our own WalterNeff's CafePress store.

UPDATE: Hmmm, apparently there's no "comment box" when you use the shopping cart option. Feh. Well, tell me in comments (I won't print 'em, I swear), or email me.


NYMary said...

Hmmm, there isn't a "Message for Seller" box toward the bottom? There should be.

Bruce Godfrey said...

For us moron, what does DFH mean? I was expecting DTA - document the atrocities. Thx.

jsundman said...

Dirty Fucking Hippie

That's what you are, by definition, if you read Escahton and have opinions not sanctioned by Tim Russert, son of Big Russ, the heartbeat of America.

Sinfonian said...

The design comes from the DFH stickers that have been available at one sucky blog for a while now. I'm honored and flattered. :)

Yes, I'll be selling DFH stickers at the Con. Buy two or more and I'll throw in a free "No McW" or "No McBush" sticker while supplies last.

Polly said...

How do I indicate size wanted?

The paypal screen does not accept input to "options" box.

Anonymous said...


Bruce Godfrey said...

DFH - of course. Thanks.