Friday, March 14, 2008

Registration Redux

Well we're two short weeks away, this thing is getting cooler by the second, and we actually have some things that are at capacity.

If you'd like to register now, the cost will be $80, but that does not include the Sunday Brunch, which is at capacity.

You can still register for Friday night (we have room for about 10 more people), Saturday day (plenty of room there, and we're now providing lunch) and Saturday night (also lots of space).

Friday night, Lucy's Hat Shop, is now $40.

Saturday day panels are now $35.

Whiskeyina, Filkertom, The Rude Pundit, and Hamell on Trial are now $15.

See you in Philly!


Nancy Willing said...

My finances are still in a murky haze but I am expecting to be there for all of the Saturday events, if everything works out and they don't fill up.
Hope that pay-at-the-door is acceptable~! Can't wait~!!!!!

Doodle Bean said...

Sorry to be a nerd, but I have food allergies. I'll bring my own food just in case, but sandwiches without tomatoes are usually o.k. for me...

Also, Chinese without peanuts.

Just figured I'd say...

The Kenosha Kid said...

If I register now for the $80, what does that include? Do I then have to register for each thing separately? Is there a combo platter available?