Thursday, February 7, 2008

Note for Parents

If there is a demand, babysitting will be available. It will cost something, (we're hiring some lovely, dependable young adults, and would like to work in a little trip here, if we think we can swing it transportationally), and might also be an option Friday and Saturday nights.

But we need to plan this, so contact the organizers if you think you might want to take advantage of it.


lutton said...

I can vouch for the Please Touch Museum...great place. We've taken out kids there a few times.

It's also right across the street from the Franklin Institute ( ), which might better for older kids - or even adults:

MikeJ said...

Forget Please Touch. Take the kiddies to the Mütter. Of course then someone will have to stay awake with them all night, but it's a fair trade off.

wtfwjd? said...

The Please Touch Museum is great. I have to mention that someone once asked me for directions to the "Please Touch Me Museum" -- I gave her my address but she never showed up. (No really, the first part is true.)

Anonymous said...

I agree, Please Touch is lame. Both of my kids, esp. the 6 year old, would love the Mutter. The Mutter is almost as good for kids as the Bodies show. My vote is for the Mutter. It's probably not great for older kids but then again neither is Please Touch.