Saturday, February 23, 2008

Souvenir Poster Now Available!

Not really. Well, not yet, anyway.

Artwork by the handsome, talented, and charming Atriot known as Walter Neff.


Anonymous said...

Well when the fuck IS it going to be available, how big, and at what cost?

Because I want one. Bad. This is gorgeous. And I am way too poor to even think about making it to the event. But i want the damn poster so I can lie about it in my old age and impress the other residents of my nursing home as they see it hanging on the wall of my cubicle.


Anonymous said...

They're gonna blame us DFHs for breaking the damn bell now, aren't they?


Davin said...

Thanks for making milk spurt out of my nose on a Sunday morning. Jesus.

I'd suggest a series of posters that includes..

"Make it Stop."


"The revolution will not be on teevee."

Anonymous said...

Coming soon


Anonymous said...

i would be happy to design versions with different Duncanized phrases - OH MY was, in my opinion, the quinticential Duncanism.


Sinfonian said...

I would add:

"Heh, indeed."



Anonymous said...

'Oh My" Poster and swag now available