Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Silent Auction!

(by V for Virginia)

ErinPDX had a wonderful idea to help us raise funds at EschaCon: A silent auction. Atriots are invited to send something (or a package of somethings) from wherever they are to be auctioned off at the Con. We can use the money to defray any expenses that are not met through registration fees, and donate any leftover funds to an appropriate cause.

This is a fun way for those who can't attend to be present in spirit, and an opportunity to showcase your area's specialties (or your own creativity).

If you'd like to contribute to this effort please send an e-mail to eschaconauction@gmail.com and we'll make arrangements for delivery of your donation.

(And if this isn't your cup of tea, don't forget: You can still click the "Donate" button and make a contribution to the Travel Fund!)


Sinfonian said...

Great idea! I'll have to think whether there's something appropriate I could bring from America's Wang™.

If I'd thought of it in time, I might have gotten Bob Graham to sign something when I saw him today. Oh well ...

P.S. I booked my flight today! Yea! :)

leibniz said...

Let me look around for something that will help raise money.