Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Saturday Night Concert

An Event of fabulous fabulousness, and open to the public (with tix, natch)!

That's our excellent WalterNeff, whose fab designs you can buy here.

The evening begins at 8pm with the lovely whiskeyina, whose musical stylings can he heard here. Then we move onto to longtime poster filkertom, a comic folkie we adore.

Then you might want to send the kids to bed, because The Rude Pundit is taking the stage for his patented blend of foul-mouthed humor and political commentary. No word on whether he's bringing the dolls. (Warning, clip NSFW.)

And the headline act is the raucously funny and charming Hamell on Trial, he of "Coulter's Snatch" fame, who will play us off to sleep. (Also, NSFW.)

Sinfonian will be MCing this delightful event, so it is clearly not to be missed. $10 for conference participants, $15 for the general public. Cash bar. Tickets are limited.


ina said...

Well, that link is actually to a sloppy recording of me reading The Three Little Pigs Buy The White House.

My musical stylings, such as they are, can be heard with my band, Whiskey Ina,here.

And some living room solo clips can be heard here.

I'll be performing solo at the show...

ina said...

Thanks for changing the link.

And the poster looks great.

Now I better write a funny song, stat! :)

Uncle Blodge said...

Gonna come to this - how can I know I'm confirmed?